18 de enero de 2017

Christmas tree ornaments

Hello everybody!

I decided to write some posts in english, due to the increasing english-speaking readers, I hope something that you find here in my blog is useful to you.

I have to say, i'm not intend to teach or share patters other that the free stuff everybody can find on internet. As a creator myself I respect deeply the work of other crafters, and I don't use other people's pictures without permission, so every picture was taken by me, and all the work (except those advised) are also, mine.
 If you like something from this blog, feel free to pin and share, but please, respect my hard work, time and skill and don't make false claims about it. Thankyou so much!

I have posted last year some crocheted ornaments, some of you liked them. This year I made some others and I intend to make more, all of them I invented so I don't have patters. If you want explanatios just let me now and I will be happy to make a pattern, or take extra pictures or whatever you need.

Embroidered white snowflake on variegated peacock blue:

(my son's request)
And my beloved Frida! 

Where I live, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Christmas is a festivity celebrated near pools and air conditioners due to the high temperatures we have at this time of the year (it is summer!!)
As atheists, we celebrate Christmas as an excuse for gather with family and friends, share time, love and presents with them. So I decided to decorate my tree with flowers, motifs, characters... some traditional "Christmassy" designs and some other not so much!

I don't have any of theese patterns, I was invented them as I go, and did not wrote down anything. 
If I succeded to make them, is not that hard!
Be free to pin and share! 

Big hug to everyone and have a wonderful year!

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